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With our 1 year Photography Course in Chennai program. Experience the art of capturing a real-life shot. Learn indoor photography, outdoor photography, wildlife photography, event, live-action, sports, learn image color correction, image post-processing techniques to join our free photography class trail call us at 889-889-2007

digital photography course in Chennai

digital photography course

What Is Digital Photography Course ?

If you are looking for a Fully Practical digital photography course, the first thing you need to look for is what the program offers. This Digital Photography course at VFX is well-designed to provide a comprehensive review of different digital camera models and the primary steps for taking high quality photographs.

You will learn about different lenses and when to utilize them, choose the right lens to best suit your photos, and the process involved in taking and editing your digital images using Photoshop. This Photography training gives you valuable information on how to take good quality pictures with tips and tricks to improve your photography techniques.

Our VFX Photography instructor is a professional photographer who has been teaching for several years and has done live photoshoots for film, ads, product, event, and live-action Sports photographs.

What You Will Learn in Photography courses in Chennai at VFX?

Students at VFX will learn Photography from Basics Skill Set to Advanced Few Topics Mentioned Below

  • Introduction to Photography Fundamentals
  • Understand Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balancing,
  • Understanding DSLR Camera and Lenses
  • Working Camera in Manual Mode
  • Required types of equipment for Shooting a Photography
  • Photography Rules: Cropping, Fill, Rule of Third, Line, and Shapes, Parallax, Background, Composition and Symmetry, Pattern, Foreground Interest and Depth
  • Understanding Camera Setting, Frame Composition and Lighting
  • Introduction to Portrait Photography
  • Exploring Photoshop Tool Interface and Image Editing and Retouch Process
  • Learn to Do Frequency Separation Technique
  • Learn to Shoot Product Photography
  • out Door Landscape Photography
  • Event Photography, Sports Live-Action Photography
  • Market Still Life Photography, Silhouette Photography
  • Low Light Photography With Long Exposure
  • Monuments Photography, Night Photography, Wild Life Photography
  • Understand the Difference Between Mirror and Mirror Less Camera.
  • Why Block Lenses and Where Should We Use It
  • Learn to Take Snaps With Mirror Less Camera With MFT Lenses.

What You Will Specialize in Photography Course After Joining VFX

photography course

Learn Photography Course With Live Practical Sessions

Camera / Lenses / Rigs

Understanding Types of Cameras and Types of lenses used and learn Camera / ISO / Shutter/ Aperture / White Balance / Cropping / Exposure / Contrast / Filters / Activities

Photoshop Retouch / Editing

Learn to Edit to Images / Color Correct / Retouch / Geo Taging / Camera Raw / Noise Reduction / Red Eye Problem/ Shake Reduction/Lens Correction / HDR / Old to New / Complex Image / Distortion Removal

Indoor / Portrait / Fashion

5 Essential Tips For Portrait / Senior Portraits / New Born / Event / Fashion /

Photos to Print album / Photos Publishing Digital on Behance

Out Door / Day / Night

Street Photography / Architecture Photography / Drone Photography / Night Photography / Landscape Photograph / Long Exposure Shot

Wild Life / LandScape

Leaning to Handle Wide angle Lens for Wild Life and Hard Landscapes with out Shake and Making use of the Photography Golden Rules

Live Action Film / Sports

Understand the use of mamiya Camera in Shooting Promos and Film Promo Stills. Using DSLR To Shoot Live Action Sports

Why to choose Photography Course in 2020

Once you have snapped the moment, it is captured forever. Nowadays we take photos for granted, but just think about it for a minute. If we want to remember that what our childhood memories looked like when they were babies, the first thing we do is pull out the photo album.

And if we are thinking about someone who have been passed away, we look in through the photos of them. So many peoples who comes to my workshops, say that they are not creative people. However, once you know how to use your camera and find the right light condition, you will be amazed by the creative photos which you are capturing. I also believe that learning photography will make you enjoy the life more.

I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true! Suddenly you’ll notice the beautiful sunbeams coming through the trees. There is nothing more irritating when you want to take a picture of that wonderful mountain, but it looks washed out and rubbishes. Or you want to show the world how beautiful your baby is but you just can’t take a decent photo of your baby.

Photography Course

Photography as career

Students apart from learning to handle the camera they are taught the science behind still life. Once a student have completed the art of photography course from VFX

they are ready for multiple job opportunities like model photography, Commercial photography, Event photography, Fashion Photography, wedding photography, Photojournalism, product photography and more.

Photography Course Outline

Understanding your camera :

Knowing digital cameras and camera gear

Familiarization with the controls in your camera

Camera modes and making the best out of your camera – Program Mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual modes

Methods of photos:

Introducing exposure, Aperture, Depth of Field, Shutter-speed,

Knowing what makes a technically good photograph; identifying problems in images

Composition :

Visual story telling with the image

Guidelines for good composition

Understanding quality and play of light

Types of photography and their nuances :

wedding,still,model,birthday photography and more

and finally you bring the photos into photoshop software and do the needed changes to bring the final output.

Photography Course Duration and Software


  • Aim and shot
  • canon 5D mark 4
  • use of block lens
  • Sports cam / Fly cam
  • Mamiya Leaf
  • Photoshop Retouch / Grading
  • underwater Rig Handling

Course Duration

  • 12 Months.


  • +2 (Pass / Fail)
  • SSLC (Pass / Fail)

Career Opportunities

  • Photographer
  • Event Photography
  • wild life Photographer
  • under water photographer


  • IAO (Specialized)
  • Diploma

What makes Photography course special in VFX

VFX college is the pioneer in the multimedia training institute in Chennai. At VFX we not only teach but also train them in the One-On-One Training method and we believe this is the best training method for students to learn any photography course. Student get familiarization with the controls in your camera and Understanding digital cameras modes and best use of your camera.

Type of photography such as Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife, Architecture and Macro photography taining are given in vfx. Once photos are taken, you can bring the photos into photoshop software and do the needed changes to bring the final output.Our infrastructures are the best in the city we have the latest upgraded system for the students to work fast.

Our photography Courses will help students to be ready for what the employers want as our students are ready and trained with Wacom training and Our trainers are industrial experts who keep on updating the industrial latest technology and methods in their day to day life

So this help students to be up to date in the current standard and are ahead of any other photography students from any other institutes.We conduct photography courses in Chennai, if there’s something you forget or new updates in the software. That’s the VFX Guarantee of Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational student loan for photography course?

Yes, We do provide student loan for which you need to submit basic documents if your eligible you will be granted loan with 0% interest.

Do You have any advanced sessions for photography course? 

Yes, We have advanced Sessions for professional photography. Course Duration 12 months

What Software’s I Will Learn During the photography Courses?

Students will learn underwater Rig Handling, use of block lens, etc.

Job Opportunity after photography Courses?

Once they complete photography course in VFX they will get job opportunity as a Photographer.

When is the right time to start the Course?

Student can join the photography course any time during the year. Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective photography trainer.

Photography courses fee and mode of payment?

Students can pay there course fee in monthly EMI without any additional charges. We also accept all debit/credit card payment. Course fees depends on what software you choose whether its from basic to intermediate or Advanced. call or email us to get more details from our help desk team.

Am i eligible for this course?

It is good time start photography course after 10/12 standard or any degree are eligible for this course.

we don’t take crash course or summer camps.

Class Hours per day and lab Practice Hours?

Class training Hour 1 hour. and students can utilize lab for 5 hours to practice

Group class Session or one to one training Session?

Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective photography trainer.

Where is the center located?

Currently we don’t have any branches nor we dont have any franchisee. we train graphic photography in chennai at arumbakkam , ch-106.

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