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Certification Courses in VFX

Our Certification Courses are of two types diploma course certification and certification course from iao no difference in terms of training or in curriculum.

only the Difference will be in the exams that they take and in certifiction when they receive after they successfully complete the course

Certification Courses And Eligibility

Diploma Courses Certification

A diploma certificate is earned by a student after completing the course relating to a subject. Students will get Certificates to move ahead in their desired professional field of their interest and certificates may be offered in similar programs as degrees.

All the Diploma programs begin with the fundamentals of Art & Design, which will stimulate their creativity and imagination. The curriculum includes Graphic Design for creating effective visual communication and Web Design for global communication through a website.

We offer courses diploma in game designing, diploma in web development, diploma in film editing, diploma in visual effects. Diploma certificates are provided by VFX and it is valid throughout the National level. Minimum eligible for diploma certification is +2(Pass / Fail) or SSLC(Pass / Fail)

Certification Course – IAO

IAO’s international accreditation is specially designed for you. It represents your Education Provider’s commitment to providing quality education which is on a par with the global standards.

IAO’s certificate will move forward your Education Provider’s profile to an international level, ensuring that the educational programs your Education Provider offers are international standard and acceptance. Students of VFX will be accepted by leading national and multinational organizations the world over.

We offer all courses in IAO certification. In the end, of course, the certificate will be provided by IAO and it is valid throughout the International level. The minimum eligibility for IAO certification is +2 (Pass).

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