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Learn After Effects Course From the Industry Well Known Film Compositors. Get Real time Projects While Pursuing After Effects Training at VFX. an Institute Dedicated to Educating Film Post Production Techniques

after effects course in Chennai

after effects course

What Is After Effects Course ?

After Effects Is the Industrial Standard Motion Graphics, Composition, and Graphic Designing Software. Adobe Is the Release of This Award-Winning Industrial Standard Motion Graphic Software.

Software Can Be Used for Chrome Keying, Motion Tracking, Stabilizing, Live Action Compositing and 2D Animation. It Can Be Used as Non-Linear Editor and Media Conversion Tool.

We Find the Interface to Be Fairly Intuitive and Seamless Integration When It Comes Down From Editing Your Film Clips Through Premiere Pro or Final Cut Studio

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Adobe After Effects Syllabus

1. Intro

2. After Effects tool interface basics

  • working with Project Panel
  • After Effects Project settings
  • working Timeline and keyframes
  • Caching and Previewing short cuts
  • Alpha Transparency and Blend modes
  • Layer Styles / Effects
  • Use of Bridge and presets / working with 3D Space
  • intro to 2.5D tracking
  • Text / masking Layers / Paint
  • working with garbage masks / footage Stabilizing
  • 2 point Tracking / one point tracking
  • 4 point tracking / Parenting Nesting
  • Pre composing / Color matching /
  • match grain / remove noise / Rendering and Exporting
  • Roto scoping / Compositing basics

3. Intermediate after effects course Structure

  • working Adobe effects cc 2020 and new features
  • Detailed outlooks on Motion Tracking
  • working with Camera Tracking
  • working with pan and tilt shots and free move camera shots
  • advanced roto scoping hair footage / Green Screen keying
  • luma keyer / working with 3rd party plugins to enhance fx
  • use of track matte / Advanced 3d motion camera workflow
  • film title animation / working on puppet tools
  • working with expressions / working with depth composite

4. Advanced After Effects Compositing

  • Working with Motion Graphics
  • Compositing a Drone Shot - Advanced Set Extension technique
  • interior Explosion using preset and particles
  • workflow of match move and compositing
  • Advanced color channel work flow
  • Compositing a Matte painting to a live background
  • Multi pass Render Composting
  • Learn SFX Makeup techniques for Visual Effects Supervisors
  • Testing and Finalizing the shot - Quality Control
  • Working with hdri ball and photography techniques
  • Techniques of film Editing
  • Working with audio effects for composited shots
  • Pipeline workflow visual effects and editing
  • set measurement for a visual Effect shot
  • Color Correction and Grading the footage

5. Final Project

Working on Robot in Live action footage and depth compositing a destruction using after effects and AutoDesk Maya.

After Effects Class Duration & Certification


After Effects Course

Course Duration

6 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

1 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma In After Effects

Software Used in Training
  • Adobe After Effects cc
  • Blender
  • Roto silhouette fx
  • Davinci Resolve
Career Opportunities
  • Compositor
  • Video artist
  • Motion graphics designer
  • VFX artist
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options


What You Will Learn in After Effects Compositing Course in Chennai at VFX?

Students at VFX will learn After Effects Compositing from Basics to Advanced Topics Mentioned Below

Intro to Static Composting and Matte Painting using photoshop

Understand the role of After Effects Software in Film Post production process

Intro to After Effects : import / export, Alpha channels, working on Different File formats and bit rate

Working with Roto, Paint, Spot Correction, Object Removal, Rig Removal, Set Extension and Sky Replacement

Learning To Create Film Title And Motion Graphics using After Effects

Learn explosion and destruction compositing techniques to achieve stunning video Visual effects.

working with Motion Tracking a footage, 2D Camera Tracking, chroma keying, Garbage Masking and Stabilizing

understand the illustrator and after effects animation workflow

Learn to create 3D After Effects work space with Cameras, Lights placements and Shadows

Intro to 3D Match moving and Maya

Workflow of Match moving / Maya / Compositing / Grading / Sound

Working on Intermediate To Advanced Live Action Compositing using After Effects and Maya

Use of Depth Compositing and Learn to do complex Destruction VFX Compositing

Learn to Composite a Robot in to a live action footage in final project

Understanding Film Color grading and adding Sound Effects to a composited footage

Understanding Film Editing Post Production Process

Video Editing the Footage Exporting to After Effects as Sequences

Understanding xml Workflow

Use of After Effects in Digital Marketing in 2021

Adobe After Effects for logo intro

Updated on : 12/05/2022

What You Will Specialize After Joining After Effects Training in VFX

after effects training

Learn After Effects With Real Time Projects

Matte Painting

Discover Digital Matte Painting along with Composite a Simple static shot with After Effects

Editing for Visual Effects Shot

Learn Basics of Film Editing and it rules and Understand the Article Production Visual Effects Compositing work Stream 

Chroma keying / Tracking / 3D

Find out Tracking and Match Move a Footage using 3D Software for Depth Compositing, Render & Camera Types and Gigs to VFX Shot

Supervising a Visual Effects Shot

Learn to Supervise a visual effects Shot for films Using creative thinking and props Prerequisites for fx Shots

Audio Sync for Compositing shot

Sound Outcomes for its observable Effects Shot. Utilize soundtrack pro to finish the compositing shot together with Sound Effects

Adv Depth Composite / Grade

Find out Generation saving methods and Advance Depth compositing using After Effects and Film grading Tools for todays film Creating.

Reasons To Study After Effects at VFX

Our After Effects Training Program Are Structured From Our Experienced Visual Effects Post Production Compositing Specialists and We Keep an Extremely Close View on the Industry for Latest Software and Technology Update. We Ensure Every Student Receives the Top Out of There Training and Pass Outside as Qualified Media Professional

Mac / Windows Training

Wacom Digitizer


Built in cyc Studio / acoustic treated Studio

14 Plus years

Experienced Trainers

High Performance WorkStation

Live Project & Job Placement

Why You Should Learn After Effects Classes in Chennai at VFX

Students will be Discover the market creation secrets from an industry professional that currently gets the job done. Our students have worked for blockbuster films and serials. VFX Provides Man power for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Students will undergo One to one training, inbuilt studio for students to Practice, Film camera, workstation, and real-time Media projects in 3 months after they take up the course with our instructor guidance.

after effects training institute compositing picture

Live projects training help them once they get in to job it helps them to handle any complicated shots and and pressure Situation when they enter the Media industry or workplace.

After Effects Compositing as a Career

After Effects Compositing is one of the most commonly used software in the industry today. The main reason why so many people use this particular software is because it's very user friendly and provides a variety of different benefits for those who are in visual effects industry.

You can work on multiple disciplines in after effects from motion graphic artist to title animator and even in Film compositing. 2d animation job opportunities are available nowadays for aftereffects students.

Frequently Asked Questions
Educational student loan for after effects course?

Yes, We do provide student loan you need to submit basic documents if your eligible you will be granted loan with 0% interest.

Do You have any advanced sessions for after effects course? 

Yes, We have advanced Sessions for professional after effects advanced session for motion graphic artist and for depth compositors. Course Duration 2 months

What Software's I Will Learn During the adobe after effects Courses?

Students will learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after effects

Job Opportunity after  adobe after effects training?

Once they complete after effects course in VFX they will get job opportunity as a compositor or motion graphic artist in Advertising agencies, Design studios, Film Post production studios etc.

When is the right time to start the Course?

Student can join after effects course any time during the year. Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective trainer.

After effects courses fee and mode of payment?

Students can pay there course fee in monthly EMI without any additional charges. We also accept all debit/credit card payment. Course fees depends on what software you choose whether its from basic to intermediate or Advanced. call or email us to get more details from our help desk team.

Am i eligible for this course?

It is good time start after effects training after 10/12 standard or any degree are eligible for this course.

we don't take crash course or summer camps.

Class Hours per day and lab Practice Hours?

Class training Hour 1 hour. and students can utilize lab for 5 hours to practice

Group class Session or one to one training Session ?

Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective trainer.

Where is the center located?

Currently we don't have any branches nor we dont have any franchisee. we train After Effects courses in chennai at arumbakkam , ch-106.

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