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Learn Animation Courses in Chennai at vfx master the key essentials of character animation, mechanical animation, facial animation and rigging methods from our experienced animators to enroll For free trial session contact : 889-889-2007

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What is Animation

Animation is all about making object and characters to move in screen . There are different types of animations one is 2D animation and other is 3D animation are the most common ones.

Animation are used in icon, button animation and cartoons like flash animation on the websites or 2D animation, motion graphics and 3D character animation in 3D blockbuster animated movies.

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Animation Course Syllabus

1. Understanding the process animation pipeline

learn the process of animation movie work flow and its pipe line and its departments

2. Illustration and Story Board

Learn to Draw story posing and character poses and story boards.

3. Graphic Design

Learn Photoshop For Image Editing, Digital matte Painting and texturing process

4. 3D Interface

We first start by introducing the students to the user interface of Maya, once the students are familiar with the interface students will model objects with primitive shapes.

5. Modeling

Students learn NURBS modeling and polygon modeling, students learn base mesh modeling then students move on to interior and exterior modeling. then students will learn face modeling and a quadruped character. once the students are comfortable with it they are give modeling projects and asked to do 5 models of their own.

6. Surfacing

Once the modeling is completed the students are taught surfacing or otherwise called texturing. students are introduced to the Shader window and different materials to the 3d surface. The unwrapped 2d texture in imported to photoshop and texture painted and students are introduced to Mari.

7. Rigging

After the organic characters are modeled student will learn rigging, here they setup the skeleton to the characters and give them constraints to attach the joint to the mesh and give controls to move them.

8. Texturing

Understand the process of texturing your 3d characters using photoshop and substance painter

9. Animation

In animation, students breath life into the characters my moving them on 3d workspace . You will learn Run cycle, walk, and jump. after learning body mechanics they will learn facial motion like lip-sink animation and to complete the animation they do a full-body acting.

10. Lighting

Students will be taught to light the 3d environment in maya like a real world scene. then introduced to the different types of lights like the area light, rim light, and the point and directional light.

11. Rendering

In rendering students are taught how to render a 3d scene in maya with the help of Arnold renderer. students learn how to render a scene in different environments and the key difference between the day and night effect lighting and finally, they do a multi pass rendering and bring all the rendered images into a compositing package and render out the final output.

12. Compositing

Composite the multi pass render files using after effects.

13. Editing

Editing the rendered footage's based on story and continuity

14. Sound

Add background music and sound effects for the edited sequence

Animation Class Duration & Certification


Animation Course

Course Duration

12 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

2 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma In Animation

Software Used in Training
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketchbook pro
  • Blender
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Pro tools
Career Opportunities
  • character animator
  • game animator
  • mechanical animator
  • automotive animator
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options


3D Character Animation Training Highlights

Character Animation Students will learn Animation from Basics to Advanced level topics Mentioned Below

Fundamental of Animation

Working to Improve Your Action Skills

Understanding Shot / Scene / Sequence and Editing

3D Modeling a Set / 3D Character

Intro to Shader and Lighting and Render

Fundamentals of Rigging / Rigging a Character / Creature / Mechanical

Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Keyframe Animation

Working With Muscles and Skinning a Character for Animation

Learn to Create Character Walk Cycle / Run Cycle/Jump and Facial Expression

Learn to Animate Facial Expression Using an Audio File With Video Reference

Understanding Camera Framing for Animation

Working With Motion Capture Files / Automated Facial Expression With No Manual Keying

Introduction to Dynamic /Integrating Dynamics and Animation Workflow

Compositing Using After Effects / Video Editing the shot using Final Cut pro

Learn to Record sound using sound track pro

Updated on : 12/05/2022

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Learn 3D Animation

With Real Time


Character & Facial Animation

Create walk / Run / Jump / Story Pose / Character Pose / Facial Expression for voice / Character Animation Shot

Rigging and Skinning

Learn to Rig Bi Ped / Quadruped / Mechanical / Creature / Automotive Rigs For Quality Animation Controls

Motion Capture / Non Linear

Learn to work with Motion Captured Files Correcting Mo Cap Raw Data, and Cleaning the Cha Posture and Gesture

Camera Blocking / Light / Render

Understanding Story Board Technique, Learn Space, Shape, lines, Parallax, Camera Placement, Cam Blocking Rules

Composite / Audio / Editing

Compositing the multi pass shot / Edit the Render shots in to a scene / Applying Sound the footage Dialogue/ BGM / SFX

Students Show Reel

why animation character

Why You Should choose Animation Courses in 2022

Be it 2d animation or 3d animation kids or adults they all like to see dynamics animated characters on-screen rather than static image. Humans have developed their senses to stop watching motionless pictures and moved on to watching moving pictures, tv ads without animation look subtle.

They always want to see some animated characters in ad or in a movie. In this Digital world, it's important to make small moving images like gif animation to engage the viewers to make the product stand out from other products.

And opportunities keeps increasing year after year. That includes animation studios, vfx studios, tv channels, etc. selecting animation in upcoming years is the right choice.

students studying

Animation Students also Study

Student who learnt 3d animation Course also Learnt the below mentioned Courses

3D Animation as Career

The animation is an ever-booming industry both in 3D animation and 2D animation. Students with animation knowledge can work as a 3d animation artist for animated movies and games, texturing artist, lighting artist, render artist, fx artist, 3D/2D animation, SFX artist, mockup artist, pre-viz artist and more.

Job openings and opportunities as a 3D artist is growing day by day mainly in the feature film, game studios and VFX houses.

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Animation for Gaming,

Movies and E learning

animation carrier

What makes Animation Course very special in VFX

we have animators who have minimum experience of 10 years in the field of animation. How have used animation tools and software very common to solve day to day requirements. We use awarding winning software autodesk maya. For media and entertainment.

Animation Course students will learn modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering. After effects for composting, photo shop for matte painting and texture work flow and along advanced major work flow of animating character, mechanical, creature animation and facial expression.

And substance painter for better texturing experience. By learning all these key features This help them to understand the pipeline well when they move in to production environment. Animation course in vfx will be one to one training where students get direct attentions from the trainer.

This helps the students to understand and specialize animation faster. Understanding students strong and weakness to helps us to mold them better in the competitive industry. Students will work on workstation for real-time rendering and faster preview of animation Students can opt windows or apple mac training for animation Course.

Frequently Asked Questions
Educational student loan for animation course?

Yes, We do provide student loan for which you need to submit basic documents if your eligible you will be granted loan with 0% interest.

Do You have any advanced sessions for animation course? 

Yes, We have advanced Sessions for professional animation Course Duration 12 months

What Software's I Will Learn During the animation training?

Students will learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Sketchbook pro, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Soundtrack Pro.

Job Opportunity after animation Courses?

Once they complete animation course in VFX they will get job opportunity as a animation in Storyboard Artist,3D animator & modeler,3D texture artist, etc.

When is the right time to start the Course?

Student can join the animation course any time during the year. Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective animation trainer.

Animation course fee and mode of payment?

Students can pay there course fee in monthly EMI without any additional charges. We also accept all debit/credit card payment. Course fees depends on what software you choose whether its from basic to intermediate or Advanced. call or email us to get more details from our help desk team.

Am i eligible for this course?

It is good time start animation course after 10/12 standard or any degree are eligible for this course.

we don't take crash course or summer camps.

Class Hours per day and lab Practice Hours?

Class training Hour 1 hour. and students can utilize lab for 5 hours to practice

Group class Session or one to one training Session ?

Since it is one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective animation trainer.

Where is the center located?

Currently we don't have any branches nor we dont have any franchisee. we train animation courses in chennai at arumbakkam , ch-106.

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