Web Development  Course

Professional Web Development Course in 9 months with mobile optimization

web development course
Web Development Course

What Is Web Designing

Web designing is the process of creating websites to promote personal identity, brand or a business firm. Websites are being created using a markup language called HTML. It also a part of graphic design which is known as web designers or developers.

Why to choose Web Development course in 2020

These days, we just can’t live without the internet! We use internet to browse different websites. and more business happens in web. in 2020 there will be more users to access internet. Getting job as a web designer is very easy these days, with add on graphic design knowledge gives more edge over others. We access websites for education, banking, entertainment, social media, woo commerce websites and much more.

Website needs proper structure and layout, without proper layout website will not be responsive in desktop / mobile and tablet. For designing a website you need expert guidance. Building website is not the end of web designing it needs to be optimized for access in mobile browser rather than desktop browsers. It has to be designed in such a way that the readers can easily access to the parts of the website.

Web Development course

Web Development as career

These Days even a small company wants to have website and brand building either though Social media, google search engine optimization. So graphic designers and web designers are a must for any Firm.

There is lot of carrier opportunity for web designer. In addition to it we have SEO(search engine optimization) as part of this course.

This helps enable a web designer (with SEO knowledge)have upper hand over others.After completing your web development course, you can work in a web designing company or work as a freelancer.

Web Designing Course Outline

Designing Layout:

First of all, students will learn photoshop and how to design web layout using photoshop. Then the student will learn to convert layout to the Html page.

Web Designing:

students will be taught syntax, html5, XHTML, and techniques, and how to convert layout page to HTML page, how to centralist formatting control using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Programming Concepts:

student will learn scripting which including event handlers, form validation, browser compatibility server-scripting language, etc, and check compatable with other platforms

Advanced Web Development:

in this topic you will Learn how to use HTML and other latest technologies to produce top leading web designers, including video streaming, audio and more.

Back End Development:

You will Learn the relational database and will use it with MySQL, server-side programming using PHP, syntax and techniques, Structured Query Language (SQL), database-driven website design ( eCommerce, Dynamic web sites), introduction to Object Orientated programming.

Advanced Back End:

Advanced back-end script are taught to students to implement their skills ,latest google technologies are introduced to student and the best method of implementation are also educated to the students

Live Project:

students are gives assesment of their subject and are introduced to live demo project of their choice to show their skills.


After the course is completed students will implement their learning into their final project .this project is used as a demo reel for the students to get their dream job.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Abobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Flash
  • HTML / CSS
  • Java Script
  • PHP
  • MySql

Course Duration

  • 9 Months.


  • +2 (Pass / Fail)
  • SSLC (Pass / Fail)

Career Opportunities

  • Web developer
  • Web programmer
  • Web master
  • Web architect
  • Web author
  • Web specialist


  • IAO (Specialized)
  • Diploma

What makes Web Designing course very special in VFX

web development has Changed the way we communicate and the way we shop online, net banking, online games and share information. The changes and the demand for talented web designing professionals continues to grow. Students in our Web Designing course will learn HTML and CSS using adobe dream weaver and word press with virtual builder.

our experienced instructors who have minimum 12 years of experience in the field of web development course. with the help of instructors guidance web designing course students will create rich customized database-driven websites that are easy to use, look good and can incorporate complex features like, for example, shopping carts and Auctions.

VFX has structured a web development course in such a way it meets professional industry standards. and explore how to produce a wide range of design material to meet top quality industry standards. We will train you with the skills you need to keep up with the fast pace of technology. By the end of this web designing course students will be capable for working independently to produce an online portfolio and also to showcase their design and technical skills.

our staff will see you've got the right stuff to meet the online demands.we conduct web development course in Chennai - VFX and We do offer you free of charge for the retake of the sessions, within 5 months of your first day of the training, if there’s something you forget or new updates in the software. That's the VFX Guarantee of Learning.we are the best when it comes to web designing course we have Quality, experience, and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational student loan for Web development course?

Yes, We do provide student loan for which you need to submit basic documents if your eligible you will be granted loan with 0% interest.

Do You have any advanced sessions for Web development course? 

Yes, We have advanced Sessions for professional Web development Course Duration 9 months

What Software's I Will Learn During the Web development Course?

Students will learn HTML / CSS, Java Script, PHP, etc.

Job Opportunity after Web development Courses?

Once they complete Web development course in VFX they will get job opportunity as a Web developer

When is the right time to start the Course?

Student can join the Web development course any time during the year. Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective trainer.

Web Development courses fee and mode of payment?

Students can pay there course fee in monthly EMI without any additional charges. We also accept all debit/credit card payment. Course fees depends on what software you choose whether its from basic to intermediate or Advanced. call or email us to get more details from our help desk team.

Am i eligible for this course?

It is good time start Web development course after 10/12 standard or any degree are eligible for this course.

we don't take crash course or summer camps.

Class Hours per day and lab Practice Hours?

Class training Hour 1 hour. and students can utilize lab for 5 hours to practice

Group class Session or one to one training Session?

Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective trainer.

Where is the center located?

Currently we don't have any branches nor we dont have any franchisee. we train Web development courses in chennai at arumbakkam , ch-106.


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