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Learn Graphic Design Courses in Chennai

Learn Graphic Design Course in Chennai and Study the Whole Process of Corporate Design From Basic to Advanced. Get Insight Training from Experienced Design Professionals, Give Life to Your Creative Ideas, and Create Stunning Designs for Both Print and Visual Media.

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What Is Graphic Design Course?

The Graphic Designing Course will teach you How to Use the Right Combination of Text and Pictures to Create Visual Concepts, Advertisements, Magazines, Books, Logo Design, Flyers, Catalogs, Creation Etc. Using Latest Technology, Experience, and Creativity to Generate New Ideas That Inspire, Promote and Attract Consumers.

Our Expert crafted Training System will teach you the Creative Art Form That Requires the Ability to Work With a Team of Experts to Produce a Comprehensive and Effective Product or Service. Graphic Designing means Communicating Business Ideas, Products, and Services to People in a More Attractive Way Either Through Social Media, websites, or Visual and Print Media.

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Graphic Design Syllabus 2022

1. Design Basics

Layout Design:​

Elements of Page Design and design layout documents for effective communication.

2. Graphic Designing Fundamentals

  • Typography Techniques
  • Illustrations for Print & Web
  • Various tools for Design & Effects
  • Implementing Artworks
  • Layout Design for Print
  • Understanding and Designing Mockups
  • Graphic for web Designing
  • Printing and publishing
  • Graphic Design Portfolio

3. Introduction To Typography

  • History of typographic design.
  • Introducing the evolution of the alphabet
  • Letter-form design
  • Type families, type anatomy and type principles.

4. Color

5. Advanced Typography

  • Advanced typographic theory and vocabulary.
  • Type anatomy, tools, and vocabulary.
  • Create letter forms, lines of type and body copy
  • Ability to create Magazines, Newspaper, catalogue
  • Sorting pages ( resize for print / e print)

6. Photography / Retouch / Design

  • Understanding Diff types of camera and their extensions ( raw - Mamiya leaf/canon) / compressed )
  • Introducing Raster-based graphic design
  • Concepts related to completing a studio-style photoshoot
  • Photo manipulation ( retouch / creature morphing / Frequency separation / concept illustration morph )
  • Create impacting photographic compositions.
  • Introduction to layout and advert design.
  • Strong understanding of one-point / two-point / three-point / rule of thirds
  • Use of digitiser tablet (Wacom)
  • Matte painting concept

7. Logo Designing

  • An understanding of the creative process.
  • Understanding the golden ratio
  • The ability to generate, analyse, edit and refine concepts.
  • Dynamic, unified mark
  • Typographic logotype

8. Layout Design

  • Advanced understanding of proportion and its application in layout design.
  • The development of a type and image project
  • Multi-page layout planning (art boards), design, and software
  • Advanced typographic layout
  • Designing multi-page magazine layout

9. Preparing Your Portfolio

  • An introduction to career opportunities in graphic design
  • Create and design a personal identity system
  • Develop a healthy professional practice
  • Create a design system and portfolio

10. Digital illustration

Digital illustration techniques and Structure Editing Techniques.

11. ​Image capture

Imagery, image capture printing, and publishing

12. ​Pre-press and problem-solving

Correcting all the problems that arise during the printing process

12. Packaging

Layout design and produce printed packaging items.

13. Motion Graphics

Learn Motion Graphics using After Effects

14. Portfolio Retouch

Understand Mockup making and presentation, Portfolio makeover

Graphic Designing Course Duration & Certification


Graphic Design Course

Course Duration

6 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

1 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma In Graphic Designing

Software Used in Training
  • Adobe Photoshop cc 2022
  • Adobe Illustrator cc 2022
  • Adobe In Design cc 2022
  • Adobe After Effects cc 2022
  • Gravit Designer
  • Krita
Career Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Film Post Production Studio
  • Web Designing Company
  • YouTube / TV Channels
  • Copy and digital centers
  • Graphic Design studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Desktop publishing
  • Newspapers, Education
  • Print Press & E-Publication
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options


Graphic Design Training Highlights

  • Fundamentals and Color Elements
  • Photography, Photo Editing, and Retouch
  • Learn About Logo Designing with Ratio
  • Editing and Color Correcting images using Photoshop
  • Learning the process of image Compositing Techniques
  • Understand photography and its rules and using the right lens for the work
  • Basics of Design and Learn how to Design your 1st flyer using Photoshop
  • Learn to Create Flyer, Catalog, Brochures, Business cards, Magazine, and Web Page Layouts
  • Basics of Vector Designing and Learn to Design Corporate Designing
  • Working with illustrator and Photoshop Integration
  • Learning the Concept of Brand Building and Use of Design
  • Working with Typography Elements and Shapes
  • Dye and Plate Making Process.
  • Learn to create magazines, Books, and Newspaper templates using In Design
  • Learn the Process of adobe Dimensions and its uses in graphic design
  • Corporate Brand building and Designing
  • Use of After Effects in Graphic Designs
  • Understanding the Major Work Flow of the Printing Process
  • Working on mock-up to get corporate finish
  • Working With Software Integration and File Formats
  • Use of Creative Cloud Workflow.
  • Use of graphic Designing in Digital Marketing
  • Integrating Photoshop, illustrator, and In Design
  • Create New paper and magazine layouts using In Design
  • Ability to Create Stunning Designs for Corporate Finish

Topics Covered in Our Design Course

graphic designing course new GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSES

Image Editing & Design

Learn to Edit Images, Color Correct,

Create Logo, Banner, brochures and

Corporate Design Techniques.

Graphic Designing for Websites

Create Stunning Web Banner, Web UI Templates, Gif Animation web Icons, Buttons, and PDF Creation

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Designing Ads for Social Media websites Using Blocks and creating Pamphlets, Brochure, and Flyers for Promotion

News Paper / Magazine / Print Ads

Learn to Create New paper and magazine templates and Create print ads Using Precise Measurement

Digital View / Printing Process

Correct Format for visual Media, And Learn to Create Dye, Plate Making for printing, print color Separation & Masking UV

Motion Graphics

Learn to Animate 2D Objects, Characters, and Backgrounds to Ensure the Brand and Design Stands Out Unique

What Graphic Design Students Also Study?

Graphic Designing Students Also Study Other Related Courses Such as Advertising Design Courses, Print Design Courses, E-Publishing Courses, Motion Graphics Courses and E-commerce Web Design Courses. This Gives Students a More-Rounded Understanding of the Graphic Design Process and How It Can Be Applied to Various Industries.

5 Reasons to Consider Graphic Designer Course in 2022

The World Is Changing Rapidly, and Graphic Designers Are No Exception. They Have Become a Necessity for Businesses That Need to Design Their Logo, Brand Building, Photo Retouch, UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Web Design Layout, Interface, Etc. On-Time at an Affordable Cost With Maximum Efficiency. Here Are 5 Reasons to Consider the Graphic Designer Course in 2022

  1. A Graphic Designer Course Can Help You Change or Improve Your Career.
  2. It Makes You Learn New Skills and Techniques to Be More Creative
  3. This Course can make your work in a big brand or as a Freelancer
  4. They can help you keep up with the latest trends in the industry
  5. Digital Marketing and Advertising business are booming, and the requirement for a designer is very high

Learn Graphic Designing with Expert Guidance

As Technology Continuously Grow's Daily, Today's Designer Must Handle Several Media of Communication Design for Visual Media Like Social Networking, WhatsApp, TV, websites, and Advertising for Print Media Design Brochures, Magazines, Catalogs, and Newspapers.

So to Grow the Responsibilities and Skills of a Designer to Achieve These Professionals' Abilities to Meet the Worldwide Competition, They Have to Maintain Themselves up to date. You can learn from the Best Graphic Design Experts at VFX

graphic design training responsibility GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSES

Responsibility of Graphic Designer

Create Visual Design Using Software Like Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, or by Hand Drawing Sketches to Convey Thoughts That Inspire, Educate, and Divert Consumers.

They will Develop the Overall Design and Production Design for Various Applications Such as Logo Design, flyers, Catalog, Brochures, Advertisements, Magazines, and Corporate Designs.

Understanding Design Elements, like Composition and Color, is Essential for Design. Artistic Skill and Imagination Are Crucial. Technical Skill. a Graphical Design Project Necessitates the Specialized Abilities to Work With Layout Applications Programs Like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Design

Check what our Students say

I'm a freelancing event host working in Chennai. Since I get most Design work, I finished the Graphic design course at VFX and continuing my video editing course. The staffs are polite and knowledgeable to clear our doubts and encourage to open our creativity. I 100% recommend this place for all the animation courses even for the zero knowledge or already experienced and wanted to expand their other skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What Is the Purpose of Learning Graphic Design?

Graphic Designers can do Image Editing, Retouching, and Visual and Print Related Designs. Illustrator Users Can Create Vector Logos Brand Building Designs Such as Flyers, Brochures, and Catalogs. Gravit Designer Pro Favors the Digital Artist With Digitizer and Dimension Help You to Create Quick 3D Photo Real Product Output Without a Photoshoot.

What Major Software Will I Learn in a Graphic Design Course in Chennai at VFX?

  • Graphic Design Students Will gain Expertise in the Below-Mentioned Software.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Dimensions.

Will It Be Expensive to Learn Graphic Design?

No, the graphic design Course is not Expensive. The cost varies based on the knowledge that you would like to gain from the Subject

What Design Techniques will I Learn During this Graphic Design Training Program? 

Students Will Learn to Edit Photos, Create Logos, Flyer, Newspaper Layout, Magazine, Catalog, Business Card, Letterhead, Digital Marketing Contents, Web Icon, Web Page Template Layout Design, Mobile Ui UX Design Prototype Color Elements, and Basic Photography Techniques

Will I Get Job Support From VFX After completing the Graphic Design Courses? 

Our Carrier Guidance Team will suggest current and future job opportunities to students during the course. Our Recruiters Are Top MNC Companies. Students Placed All Across the Country.

Do You Have Advanced Training Sessions For Graphic Designers? 

We Conduct Advance Training sessions for the user who have an intermediate skill set in graphic designing

Do You Conduct Weekend Sessions For Graphic Design Training in Chennai at VFX?

Yes, we Conduct weekend sessions on Saturdays and Sundays, and the training hours will be 5 hours 2 days a week.

Duration for Completing the Graphic Design courses in Chennai at VFX?

  • weekdays training class session: Monday to Friday (Duration: 5 months)
  • weekend training session: Saturday and Sunday (Duration: 7 months)
  • Live Project (Duration: 1 month)
  • Personal Portfolio preparation (20 Days)
  • The total course duration of weekly sessions on will be 7 months which is inclusive of live project and portfolio
  • Class Hours: class hours for week students will be 2 hours per day and 5 hours for weekend students
  • lab practice Hours: no limitation

How Can I Set My Career After Completing Graphic Design Course?

After Completion of the Graphic Design Course in Chennai, Students Will Get Various Job Opportunities as visual Designer, Photoshop Artists, Illustration Artists, Creative Directors, Logo Designers, Ui / UX Designer.

Visual Image Editor, Brand Building Design Artist, Web Layout Designer – Front End, Print, and Package Designer

What Is the Graphic Design Course Fee?

The Average Fee for a Graphic Design Course Will Be From INR 20,000 to INR 1,20,000, Excluding Taxes. The Course Fee Varies Based on the Certifications and Duration of the Course

What Will Be the Mode of Payment for Graphic Design?

  • Students can pay their course fees monthly EMI without additional charges.
  • We also accept all debit/credit card payments.
  • We provide a student loan for which you need to submit essential documents if you are eligible for a loan that'll be granted with 0% interest.

How Much Can I Earn as a Graphic Designer?

A fresher can expect to earn INR 2,80,000 per Annum. With more experience can expect over INR 5,00,000

How to Join Graphic Designing Courses at VFX?

  • To join Graphic Designing Course at VFX, students can contact our help desk team at 889-889-2007 to fix an appointment. Our team members will provide you pass for joining. Students should carry address proof and two passport photos for Admission Process.
  • For NRI Students, a photocopy of their passport and visa is compulsory. ( admission will be given only after the Verification process)

Do I need basic knowledge to Study Graphic Design Course in Chennai at VFX?

Students can Join the graphic designing course in Chennai without any Basic knowledge. Our Course will Help you Learn from Very Basics to advanced ones.

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