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3D Houdini Course in Chennai

Join Our 9 Months Advanced 3D Houdini Course Program and Learn 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Dynamics and Simulation.

3D houdini course
3d houdini training Houdini Course

What is Houdini course?

Houdini Is a Powerful Application Used for Simulations, Special Effects, and Animation. It Offers Artists a Procedural Approach to Creating Complex Animations and Simulations, Which Can Be Edited and Changed at Any Time.

This makes it an ideal tool for exploring ideas and iterating on them quickly.

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Houdini course syllabus


  • What is Houdini?
  • History of Houdini
  • Key features of Houdini
  • Who is Houdini for?


a) The Houdini interface

b) Houdini views and panels

c) The shelf and toolbars

d) Customizing the interface

e) Houdini preferences

f) The node network view

g) Working with nodes

h) Tips and tricks for efficient workflow in Houdini


a) What is a digital asset?

b) Creating a digital asset

c) Using digital assets

d) Publishing and sharing digital assets


a) Introduction to geometry in Houdini

b) Creating and manipulating geometry

c) Modeling tools in Houdini

d) Polygon modeling techniques

e) Hard surface modeling techniques

f) Subdivision surface modeling techniques

g) Organic modeling techniques


a) Introduction to materials and textures

b) Creating materials in Houdini

c) Assigning materials to geometry

d) Texture mapping in Houdini

e) Projection mapping

f) Bump and normal mapping


a) Introduction to lighting and rendering in Houdini

b) Creating lights

c) Shadows

d) Global illumination

e) Caustics

f) Rendering in Houdini


a) Introduction to animation and simulation in Houdini

b) Keyframing animation

c) Curve editing

d) Character animation in Houdini

e) Physics simulations

f) Particle systems


Houdini Training Duration & Certification


Houdini 3D Course

Course Duration

9 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

2 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma In Houdini 3D

Software Used in Training
Career Opportunities
  • 3D Modelling Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • Game Artist
  • Dynamic Artist
  • Prop Artist
  • Game Level Designer
  • Game Fx Artist
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting and rendering Artist
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options


Why You Should Choose Houdini over other 3d Applications

3d Houdini classes Houdini Course

1. Houdini is built for VFX artists. It has a Easy to use interface that makes it easy to create extraordinary works of art.

2. Houdini Is Very Versatile. It Can Be Used for Everything From Modeling to Animation to Effects.

3. Houdini Has a Powerful Dynamics System That Makes You to Create Vey Realistic Simulations.

4. Houdini Is Constantly Being Updated With New Features and Improvements.

5. Houdini Is Used by Some of the Biggest Names in the Hollywood, Such as Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney.

Job Opportunity for Houdini Artist

There is a great demand for Houdini artists in the industry today. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Houdini’s Powerful Dynamics System Makes It Perfect for Creating Realistic Simulations.

2. Houdini’s User-Friendly Interface Makes It Easy to Create Beautiful Works of Art.

3. Houdini Is Constantly Being Updated With New Features and Improvements.

4. Houdini Is Used by Some of the Biggest Names in the Industry, Such as Dreamworks, Pixar, and Disney. If You’re Looking for a Challenging and Rewarding Career, Then Consider Becoming a Houdini Artist.

What you will learn in Houdini and What makes Houdini Very Special for dynamics?

In This Course, You’ll Learn the Basics of Houdini FX, Including the Interface, Nodes, and Parameters. You’ll Also Learn How to Create Simple Simulations Like an Explosion, Blast, Shatter, Crack, Cloth and Water, and How to Render Them Out. By the End of This Course, You’ll Have a Good Understanding of How Houdini Works and Be Able to Create Your Own Simulations and Effects.

Its Ability to Create Constrained-Based Dynamics. This Means You Can Take Any Object, Constrain It to Another Object, and Then Use the Forces of the Simulation to Make Things Happen. Houdini Is Set Up so That the Solver (The Thing That Actually Calculates the Physics) Is Separate From the Objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Difficult Is It to Use Houdini Software?

Houdini Is a Powerful and Versatile Software Package That Can Be Used by Experienced Users and Newbies Alike. It Has a Big Learning Curve, but the Result Is Well Worth It.

Do I Need to Have 3D Software Knowledge to Study 3D Houdini Course?

In Most Cases, You Don’t Need 3D Software Knowledge to Study 3D Houdini. However, There Are Many Ways to Learn Houdini. You Can Join the Houdini Course at Vfx or Any Other Recognized Institution to Learn the Software Properly. Knowing Its Technics and Shortcuts Makes the Student Work Efficiently on Houdini Software.

What Are the Advantages of Using Houdini Software?

There Are Many Advantages to Using Houdini Software, Including Its Ability to Create Realistic 3D Environments and Characters, Its Ease of Use, and Its Wide Range of Features.

What Is Houdini Software Used For?

Houdini Is Software Used for Creating 3D Animations and Simulations. It Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes, Such as Animation, Visual Effects for Movies, Engineering, Video Games, and Product Design.

What Is the Difference Between Houdini’s Other 3D Software?

Houdini Is Known Best for Its Powerful Dynamics Workflow. However, Other Software Are Equally Good for Animation and Effects. This Software’s Most Commonly Used Post-production pipeline for Ads, Movies, and Games.

What Is the Duration for Learning Houdini Software at VFX?

The Duration to Learn Houdini Software at VFX Is 10 Months. After the Course, You Will Be Receiving Certificate From VFX

What Skills Are Needed to Get Good at 3D Houdini Dynamics?

A Three-Dimensional Dynamics Artist Needs Skills in Both Video Editing and Mathematically Calculating Motion to Create Complex 3D Simulations.

How Do I Get Started With 3D Houdini Dynamics?

To Start With 3D Houdini Dynamics, You Must Be Familiar With Basic 3D Terms and Concepts. First, Understand How a Three-Dimensional Object Is Created. When You Create a New Instance of 3D Houdini, It Creates a New Empty Three-Dimensional Space. This Space Can Be Used for Anything You Want, as Long as You Have Installed the Correct Tools and Files.

Where Are 3D Houdini Dynamics Used?

There Are a Few Different Applications Where 3D Houdini Dynamics Are Used. One Application Is Motion Graphics, Where the User Wants to Create and Animate Physical Objects. Another Use for 3D Houdini Dynamics Is in Video Editing, Where Users Want to Make Changes to Video Frames Quickly and With Minimum Impact on the Underlying Video Footage.

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