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Master the art of VFX compositing with our one-year VFX course and Learn advanced rendering and depth compositing skills. To Join VFX Training for a free trial or Admission, call: 889-889-2007

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About Visual Effects Courses

What Makes Visual Effects Courses at Vfx the Best

At VFX, students will learn Visual effects in Five Levels that are Simulation FX, Animation, Modeling, Matte Painting, and Compositing. Many Aspiring Vfx Artists Want to Strike a Balance Between Live-Action and 3D Work and we help to achieve it by training them in the Industry’s Best Software.

When it comes to Visual effects Course at VFX Students not only will learn the Production Techniques. Students attend studios, participate in industry workshops, receive industry mentoring and feedback on their work, and will have live project experience throughout their studies.

Our VFX Course students have worked For blockbuster films in Hollywood, Kollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood Films and Tv commercials. Walk into our institution to view our Student’s Industrial Showreel. our Visual effects Course structure student will Learn Adobe After effects, Maya, Matchmoving, Roto, Nuke Compositing, Video Editing and Audio Sound FX .

Why Choose VFX Career in 2022?

With the Explosive Growth of Visual Effects, the Vfx Industry Is Booming and Is Currently One of the Fastest-Growing Fields in the World. As a result, there are many prospective reasons why someone would become a VFX Artist in 2022.

Maybe You Love Towards Creating Something From Scratch, Bringing It to Life Onscreen, or Perhaps Seeing Your Work Come to Life in a Movie or Video Game. Or the Love for Artistry to Create Something Attractive and Mesmerizing.

As the Technology of Visual Effects Has Grown, so Has the Demand for Talented Individuals to Work in This Field. In Addition, Thanks to the Growing Popularity of Gaming and Other Entertainment Mediums

Whatever the reason, the Vfx Industry Is Booming, and There Are Plenty of Opportunities for Talented Artists to Make a Name for Themselves. So if You’re Looking To Make a Career in the World of Visual Effects, 2022 Is the Year to Do It


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Visual effects Course Structure

Design / Matte Painting

Learn Designing and image editing and retouch process and learn the process of matte painting and its use in compositing

3D / Illustration / Match move

Learn modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, and match move process for digital composting

Visual Effects Supervisor on Set

Learn the tips and tricks that need to be followed while shooting a vfx shot. learn the complete process of visual effects supervisor

2D and 3D Compositing

Learn the process of 2d and 3d compositing and vfx pipeline for film post production

Editing / Sound

Editing a sequence, working with 4k footage, and adding a Sound to the edited clip to complete the shot

Color grading

Editing to Color grade timeline, color grading the edited footage and finalizing the shot

What Makes our VFX Courses Very Unique

One to One training

Students will undergo One-to-One classes, well this is the only way to fine tune individual students, and quickly respond to their doubts immediately. With a commitment to providing high quality education which is a considerable par with the global standards.

Live Projects / Job Opportunity

our Visual Effects training at VFX are designed to serve the real-world needs for the Print press, Digital Marketing, Film Visual Effects, web Designing, Film Editing, Tv Ads etc.

We provide manpower resources to the top visual effects studios, animation studios, graphic design companies, Web Designing, and Game development companies in the world.

As our instructors are Industrial professionals our Training programs are designed to address current and upcoming industry employment requirements.

vfx courses

Duration & Certification


Depth Compositing VFX Course

Course Duration

10 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

2 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma in Depth compositing VFX

Software Used in Training
  • Blender
  • Houdini
  • Filmora
  • Nuendo
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Natron
Career Opportunities
  • Compositor
  • VFX Supervisor 
  • VFX artist
  • VFX production coordinator
  • Ad Agency
  • Film Post Production Studio
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options



19th September


Class Time : 10 am | 5.00 pm

Week End Class : Saturday - Sunday

Class Room Training by Instructure
One to One Training session
Duration - 10 Months
Class Hours - 2 Hours per day
Timing - Fixed Time As per your convenience

Published on : 05 / 09 / 2022

23rd September


Class Time : 10 am | 9.00 pm

Online Class : Monday - Saturday

Online Training by Instructure
3 Students Per Session
Duration - 10 Months
Class Hours - 2 Hour per day
Timing - Flexible Time As per your convenience

Published on : 05 / 09 / 2022

5 Reasons to Study VFX

  • Gain a Better Understanding of the Creative Process and How Films Are Made
  • A Unique Skill Set That Can Be Used in Future Career Opportunities
  • Helps You to Create More Effective Movie Effects and Marketing Campaigns.
  • Can Be a Fun and Challenging Field, Which Means You Can Learn a Lot and Have a Lot of Fun While Doing It.
  • To Collaborate and Work With Other Professionals in the Vfx Field.

Our Professional Career Courses

Want to Be a Part of Creative Industry Our Professional Training Course Are Right Here
graphic design courses

Learn to create visual concepts, using software either for print or for visual. Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign

web design course

During This Course, students will learn html 5, Css, syntax, Jsp, Bootstrap, UI / UX and Search Engine Optimization

video editing course

Editing students will learn Advanced Editing Techniques, Field Experience, Script Writing, Audio, and Camera Techniques

vfx course

Studt Motion Graphics, Roto, Animation, Set Creation, Match Move, Dynamics, and Compositing Used for Films and TV Commercials

multimedia course

Learn to Create Print,Visual and Audio Contents That Used for Brand Building, E-Learning, Print Publishing and Media Related Projects

film editing courses

Course Will Cover Topics Such as Story Structure, Shot Selection, and FX. Students Will Learn to Use High-End Editing Software to Create Visuals Content

Online Course

Join Live Streaming Class conducted By our experienced visual effects professionals

VFX Offline Course

Get Class Room Training From the Industry Well Known Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Using Vfx for Film and Video Games?

Many Benefits Can Be Attained by Using Vfx in Film and Video Games. These Benefits Can Include Adding an Extra Level of Realism to a Video Game or Film, Helping to Create a More Immersive Experience, and Making It Easier for Directors and Producers to Get the Desired Effect They Are Looking For. Additionally, Vfx Can Be Used to Create Memorable and Exciting Scenes That Will Keep Players Engaged in a Video Game or Film.

What Is the Difference Between Vfx and Animation?

Vfx Is the Process of Creating Visual Effects or Images That Enhance or Supplement the Live Action Footage in a Film or Video. Animation Is the Process of Creating a Three-Dimensional Image or Animation by Using an Animated Character or Object as the Basic Unit.

What Is the Process for Creating Vfx for a Film?

The Process for Creating Vfx for a Film Can Vary Depending on the Project, but Generally, It Begins With a Concept From the Film’s Producers or Directors. After the Concept Is Developed, a Team of Vfx Artists Will Begin Creating Drawings and Sketches of the Scenes and Effects Needed for the Film. This Process Can Often Be Done in Collaboration With the Filmmakers, Who Will Provide Feedback on the Designs. Once the Designs Are Finalized, the Artists Will Begin Creating the Effects in Software Such as Maya, Houdini, 3D Studio Max, and After Effects. After the Effects Are Complete, the Filmmakers Will Test and Finalize Them.

How Do You Choose the Right Visual Effects Software for the Job?

Some Tips for Choosing the Right Vfx Software for the Job Include Evaluating the Project’s Overall Scope, Budget, and Deadline; Determining the Project’s Specific Needs, Graphics and Animation Software, 3D Rendering Software, and Compositing Software; And Consulting With a Vfx Expert.

What Are Some Common Vfx Challenges Faced During Production?

Common Vfx Challenges Are Creating Realistic and Believable Effects, Managing Time and Resources Efficiently, and Ensuring the Finished Product Meets the Client’s Expectations.

What Are the Steps Involved in Creating a Film Visual Effects Shot?

First, the Director or Producer Will Decide What They Want the Vfx Shot to Accomplish. This May Involve Specifying What Kind of Effect They Want the Vfx Shot to Create, Such as Adding a New Scene to the Movie or Influencing the Scene’s Mood. Next, the Vfx Team Will Need to Create a Rough Outline of the Shot. This Will Help Them Plan Out the Timing, Artists, Continuity, Camera Shots, and Another Technical Side of the Shot. Once the Outline Is Complete, the Vfx Team Will Need to Start Creating the Actual Effects. This May Involve Creating Digital Models, Animating Characters, or Creating Special Effects. Finally, the Vfx Shot Will Need to Be Tested and Edited. This Will Ensure That the Effects Look as Intended and That the Timing Is Correct.

What Experiences Do I Need in Compositing?

It Depends on the Specific Needs of the Project. However, Some Basic Experience in Compositing Would Be a Good Starting Point.

What Experience Do I Need in Post-production to Attend Vfx Training?

To Attend VFX Training, You Will Need at Least Some Experience Working With Video Editing and Post-production Software. In Addition, You Will Need a Basic Understanding of the Principles of Motion Graphics and 3D Printing.

What Are the Skills Required for Becoming a VFX Artist?

The Skills Required for Becoming a Vfx Artist Include a Strong Understanding of Photoshop and 3D Software and an Understanding of Lighting, Compositing, and Animation.

What Are the Basic Principles of Compositing?

The Basic Principles of Compositing Are Combining Images or Video Frames in a Natural and Cohesive Way.

What Are the Prospects for the Vfx Industry?

The Future Prospects for the VFX Industry Are Very Positive. Increasing Demand for Vfx Services Around the World Will Continue to Drive Growth in the Industry. New Technological Advancements and Developments in Tools and Software Will Also Help Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Vfx Work. Recent Technological Advancements and Developments in Tools and Software Will Also Help Improve

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