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VFX is one of the best premium schools for the Media, Design and Entertainment industry. Over the past seven years, VFX has built a reputation as the best multimedia institution in India.

Throughout media, Art and Entertainment industry. VFX students have made many award-winning short films, Feature films, Music Albums, Web Designing, Web Development, Acclaimed video games, Design Projects, and Live post-production, working in major media channels and Advertising companies.

VFX students will be adapt to the creative approach to education. In here the training courses are structured to reflect the industry needs of the media, art and entertainment industry.

while we are encouraging students to explore their creativity and artistic passion. VFX has provided human resources for world top most Animation, Visual Effects, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Multimedia, Video editing and Gaming companies, provides optimal training on making of Digital content that answers the needs of Animation.

Web Designing, Web Development, Graphic Design Companies. Our main motto is to excel students in their specified job opportunities. Students at VFX will gain hand-on experience through camera handling and Techniques, Inbuilt and portable Chroma Keying studio.

Multimedia is the most demanded & fastest growing industry in the field of Entertainment, Advertising for television, Animation, Designing, Visual Effects for films, Publishing&Printing,

VFX training in the latest cutting edge technologies and techniques to align with the production team and produces results from day one.

We are proud to convey that VFX is one of the organization in India which has Authorizations from giants like Adobe, Autodesk, The Foundry, Wacom and Apple-based Products to Training Students.

We offer a range of multimedia courses in Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Film Editing, Photography, and Videography. where the fee will be accepted only if he or she is satisfied with the training.

We Have Been In This Creative Industry Since 2007

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about us

VFX gives one on one training, which is the ultimate way to increase computer knowledge and skills. A coach is able to fine-tune to your individual needs and quickly respond with knowledge that's directly relevant to you and your situations.

About Us

Our Lecture Room can accommodate 32 people at a time. Fully air-conditioned and soundproof, it provides a comfortable environment for corporate presentations as well as a great venue for teaching and workshops.

We provide Super 8 and 16mm digital cameras, supported by solid-state digital audio recorders, led lighting kits, Tripods and other production equipment. The editing facility includes DV Capture Deck, Digital video cameras, Wacom Cintiq for retouch, color, roto, stereoscope, Matte painting. 8 core error-free AMD processor work stations for video editing And Apple-based quad-core processor workstation for editing and audio recording.

• One-to-One training

VFX gives one-to-one training, which is the ultimate way to increase computer knowledge and skills And fine-tune individual needs and quickly respond with knowledge that's directly relevant to you and your situation. Our trainers are able to quickly adapt to the student needs so it gets delivered at a suitable level and pace for each person.

• Wacom Training

VFX recognizes the importance of high-quality training for both experienced graphics professionals and first-time tablet users. To this end, we have established relationships with Wacom products to ensure that you get the best training for your field of creative content.

• IAO Recognised

IAO's international accreditation is specially designed for you. VFX commitment to providing quality education which is on a par with the global standards. We offer all courses under IAO certification standards. The certification validates across the Globe which helps them to get jobs in any part of the world. The minimum eligibility for IAO certification is +2 (Pass).

• Authorized Trainers

VFX is authorized by Autodesk, Adobe, The Foundry, Apple, Wacom, Google to deliver hands-on, instructor-led training to design professionals using Autodesk, Adobe, The Foundry, Apple software. Our trainers also certified by leading designing and editing software.

​• Original Softwares to Students

As we are the authorized of Autodesk, Adobe, The Foundry, Apple, Wacom, and Google, we use only original software with key. We also provide the original software to students for practical purposes, if require.

• Production Based Training

Production-Based Training programs are designed to address current and upcoming industry employment requirements. Production-Based Training partnerships train a student in a specific software, or skill, and may include an offer of employment upon a student's successful completion of the program.

• Work Experience

The purpose of Work Experience learning is to provide students with opportunities for applying the technology which they learn from the trainer. This gives real industry experience to the students.

• Green Matte

We have a technically designed Green Matte Studio which can fulfill all your film Making & graphic needs. Green Matte Studio facilitates the technique for combining two images in which the colored background from one image is removed to reveal the backdrop behind it.

• Dubbing Room

We have designed and constructed various post-production studios including TV programs, movies, animation, dubbing and so on. We offer integrated design services for post-production works specializes in acoustic sound, a video editing room, a screening room, a machine room, a lobby, and a lounge. Our dubbing room has an arrangement for the synchronized recording sound, recording a voice narration and mixing. In general, a commentary booth is often set up as an annex to a control room.

• Film Cameras

We have professional film camera with a cinematic rig. Students will be provided with cameras and other materials for their project works and short film making.

• Weekly Industry Workshop

We conduct a workshop every week. Industry experts from various fields will share their work experience, technology, skills.

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