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By studying our 2year game development course in chennai at vfx you will learn low poly game modeling for mobile, desktop, and console gameplay, texturing, prefabs, game environment assets, terrains, and level design To enroll our 1 year game designing training or for a free trial classes contact: 889-889-2007

game development course in Chennai

game design course

What Is Game Development

Game Development is the process of making video games which consists of different categories like arcade, adventure, action, casual, racing, etc. It involves bringing these ideas to life.

It typically involves about coding, rendering, programming, testing of the game and all of its elements such as sound, levels, characters, and other assets. You have to be sure to have the right energy saving power supply for this

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Upcoming Admission Dates for 2022

19th July 2022

Week Days

Monday – Friday

23rd July 2022

Week Days

Monday – Friday

19th July 2022

Week Days

Monday – Friday

28th August 2022

Week Ends

Saturday – Sunday

23rd August 2022

Week Ends

Saturday – Sunday

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What You Will Learn in Game Designing Course at VFX?

Students in Game Designing Course will learn 3D Game Modeling, Texturing, animation, Level Design, and Game Development using Game Engine.

  • Fundamentals of Game Design and software Integration
  • Intro to photoshop learn designing and matte painting
  • Learn 3D Maya – modeling for games, character rigging, texturing, Animation, and non linear animation
  • Introduction to motion capture workflow and integrating with your Game character
  • Learn to create Game Set, props for game character, and plant, trees and terrains for environment creation
  • Intro to unreal game engine.
  • Working with Project setup / Navigation / game Object /Materials
  • Exporting 3D models to game engine.
  • Working With Software Integration and File Formats
  • Creating a game character Control , character start pose, walk, run, hide, crounch, attack, power generation and weapons pickup,
  • Ai Enemy character control – chase, run , die, spawn, attack.
  • Sound – adding sound to game character food steps, environment sound , effects Sounds
  • Working with speed variables and intro to Scripting
  • working with Hud – weaponry / Dealing damage / Hit reactions/ health bar
  • Effects : Magic effects / Projectile / magic attack / game logic
  • Spawning enemies / new Enemy types with power on Adv of levels.
  • Camera – 1st person / 3rd person / dead camera
  • Packaging for Game Build
  • How to use smurf league accounts on ranked play.

What You Will Specialize in Game Designing Course using Unreal Engine

Game Development Course

Learn Game Designing

With Real Time


Photoshop / 3D Software

Learn to Model Asset, Props, Sets, Terrains, Texture, Animate using Photoshop and Maya

Unreal Interface / Game Projects / Functions

Learn Unreal Game Engine User Interface and import export from 3D Objects and Internal Game Functions Level Start, End. Menus and huds.

Animation / Active Functions / Character Controls

Learn game character controls for main player character and ai controls for enemy characters, Level start, End Functions.

Light / Camera / SFX / Ext Function

lighting the set for indoor and out door env light setup, 1st person and 3rd person camera config, sound effects for character and game play env.

Game Export / pc / android / Google play store

Export Game setups for Destop Pc, Andriod, and google play store and optimization ASO

In app / google play management

Learn to create in apps purchase to generate income and avail space for ads for sponsors.

UPCOMING ADMISSION FOR 2022 : Game Designing

10th June


Class Time : 10 am | 8.30 pm

Week Day Classes : Monday – Friday

Class Room Training by Instructure
One to One Training session
Duration – 5 months
Class Hours – 2 Hours per day
Timing – As Per your Convenient Time

Published on : 12 / 05 / 2022

10th June


Class Time : 10 am | 5.00 pm

Week End Class : Saturday – Sunday

Class Room Training by Instructure
One to One Training session
Duration – 5 Months
Class Hours – 5 Hours per day
Timing – Fixed Time As per your convenience

Published on : 12 / 05 / 2022

10th June


Class Time : 10 am | 9.00 pm

Online Class : Monday – Saturday

Online Training by Instructure
3 Students Per Session
Duration – 9 Months
Class Hours – 1 Hour per day
Timing – Flexible Time As per your convenience

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Why You Should choose Game Designing Courses in chennai at VFX 2022

These days digital video gaming has taken the world by storm. And also an excellent global employment opportunities for 2d artists, 3d artist, animators, script writers, actors, sound engineer, UI and UX designers and programmers with a passion for gaming.

Game Development course will enable you to create exciting characters, creatures and environment and build next-generation interactive gaming environments for consoles, mobiles, and tablets. What else can excite you most when you create your own game.

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Game Development as career

After completing game development course in vfx. Students will get opportunities to work with ui/ux design company's, prop artist / character artist / environment artist with a game development studio, rigging artist, animators, texturing, vfx artist.

Game design jobs requires more number of skills, which also includes digital artist, matte painting, Story board designer and creative Concept writing. Game development job are said to increase more job opportunities in coming years.

Game Development Course Syllabus

1. 3D Art

2. Game Engine

  • Introduction to unity 3D
  • Understanding the user interface of unity 3D
  • Terrain creation
  • Assets importing in unity 3D
  • Environment Creation
  • Advanced Level Design
  • Polycount restriction in the engine
  • Draw call-Controlling
  • Game Effects
  • Light baking textures
  • Basic characters functionality

3. Concept and 2D art

  • An Introduction to the Drawing
  • Color Theories
  • 2D background Drawing
  • Side-scrolling level design
  • Mobile platform scaling
  • Game Design and gameplay introduction
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Character Concept art
  • UI Design animation

4. Industry Team Projects

After the course is completed students will create their project. Our dedicated mentors will assist students to complete a job-ready demo reel. Programmers will also help students to create syncing game play for the players. Interactive prototypes and supporting documentation. Finally, the project will be completed with both a pictural and scripted medium.

GAME Designing Course Duration & Certification



Course Duration

16 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

2 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes



Software Used in Training
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Blender
  • Houdini
  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Unreal
  • Unity
Career Opportunities
  • 3D Prop Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Game Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Level Designer
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options


after effects course job carrier image

Job Opportunities after

Game Designing Course

Students will Get assigned as Level Designer, Prop Aritts, Compositor, Motion graphics Designer, FX artist, Animator, texturing aritist, Roto artist, Paint Artist, Game Developer and UI UX Artist

Certification After Completion of the Game Development Training

Diploma in Game Development Artist – 2 years

Advanced Diploma in Game Development Artist ( IAO ) – 7 Months

Candidate With Basic to Intermediate Knowledge on Game Designing Can Join Advanced Diploma

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What makes Game Development course very special in VFX

Our Game Development Course is a 16-month duration program for people who want to learn to use their artistic creativity in designing games. Graduates can work as UI/UX developers, social game designing, mobile game designers, web designers and app developers, android and ios game developers among others. 

In this program, you will create games in teams in a studio style setting, develop your graphical style and express your stories through games. By the end of this program, you will have an developed attractive portfolio that will show off all your creative works.

We conduct Game Development course in Chennai and We also offer you free of charge retake of the sessions, within 5 months of your first day of training, if there’s something you would have forgot or any new updates in the software. That's the VFX Guarantee of Learning. Walk in to vfx speak to our students. You will get to know why we are best in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational student loan for game development course?

Yes, We do provide student loan for which you need to submit basic documents if your eligible you will be granted loan with 0% interest.

Do You have any advanced sessions for game designing courses in chennai at vfx? 

Yes, We have advanced Sessions for professional game development. Course Duration 24 months

What Software’s I Will Learn During the Game Design Courses?

Students will learn Substance Painter, Adobe Premier Pro, Unity 3D, etc.

Job Opportunity after Game development Courses?

Once they complete game development course in VFX they will get job opportunity as a Game Developer.

When is the right time to start the Course?

Student can join the game development course any time during the year. Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective trainer.

Game development courses fee and mode of payment?

Students can pay there course fee in monthly EMI without any additional charges. We also accept all debit/credit card payment. Course fees depends on what software you choose whether its from basic to intermediate or Advanced. call or email us to get more details from our help desk team.

Am i eligible for this course?

It is good time start game development course after 10/12 standard or any degree are eligible for this course.

we don't take crash course or summer camps.

Class Hours per day and lab Practice Hours?

Class training Hour 1 hour. and students can utilize lab for 5 hours to practice

Group class Session or one to one training Session ?

Since it one to one training they are required to fix there schedule with the respective game development trainer.

Where is the center located?

Currently we don't have any branches nor we dont have any franchisee. we train game development course in chennai at arumbakkam , ch-106.

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For Course Fees Details

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For Course Fees Details

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For Course Fees Details

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For Course Fees Details

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