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3D Blender Course in Chennai

3D Blender Is an Open Source Software for Creating Digital Objects, Scenes, Textures, Animation and Models. Learn 3D Blender Course Step-By-Step at the end of the training. You will be well versed in using a 3D Blender to Create High-Quality 3D Graphics.

3D Blender Course
blender course

About 3D Blender Course?

Blender is used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications and video games. Blender enables you to create an unlimited number of objects with nonlinear deformations.

As a user-friendly and professional tool, Blender allows you to edit your models directly in the interface by simulating realistic processes such as subdivision, soft skinning and cloth simulation. There are many other tools available to fit any need you may have including particle systems and cameras

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Blender Training Syllabus

01. Getting Started with Blender

  • Understanding the hardware requirements for blender
  • Installing blender software
  • Setting User Preferences
  • Introduction to blender interface
  • Customizing the User interface

2. Modelling

  • Create your 1st 3d Object
  • Intro to mesh edge, faces, and vertex
  • Intro to Modeling Tools
  • Selection tool, snap tools
  • Modeling fruit project 1
  • Modeling table and chair – project 2
  • Modeling a low poly sports car – project 3
  • Modeling a character
  • Sculpting Mesh for High Detail

3. Deformer Modeling

  • Modeling jewelry using deformers
  • Modeling a teacup
  • Modeling the 3d Environment object
  • Logo Designing and Animation for Brand intro

4. Rigging and Animation

  • Intro to rigging
  • Rigging a human character
  • Mechanical rigging
  • Linear and nonlinear Keyframes
  • Animating human character
  • Moving a Rigged Car

5. UV mapping and retopology

  • Planner mapping
  • Automatic Mapping
  • UV map a low polygon car – project 1
  • UV mapping an Env Prop for games

6. Shader &

  • Working with shader
  • PBR shader vs. Normal shader
  • Exporting game objects from blender to Substance painter
  • Use of Hand painted textures
  • Use of Image as texturing
  • Texture a low polygon sport car
  • Texturing a robot for a movie

7. Light and Camera

  • Intro to the camera in blender
  • Camera shots and Angels
  • Camera Setting
  • Intro Types to lights
  • Using an Hdri Image
  • Lighting a 3d Set global illumination and local light setup

8. Render

  • Intro to render
  • Engine work with File Extensions
  • Rendering a low poly car
  • Working for Multi pass render

9. Compositing

  • Intro to Compositing
  • Compositing Multi-pass renders layers to one.

3D Blender Classes Duration & Certification


3D Blender course

Course Duration

10 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

1 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma In 3D Blender

Software Used in Training
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • After Effects
  • Substance painter
Career Opportunities
  • 3D Game artist
  • 3D Animator
  • Modeling artist
  • Texturing artist
  • Rigging artist
  • Dynamic artist
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options



10th July


Class Time : 10 am | 5.00 pm

Week End Class : Saturday – Sunday

Class Room Training by Instructure
One to One Training session
Duration – 10Months
Class Hours – 1 Hours per day
Timing – Fixed Time As per your convenience

Published on : 12 / 05 / 2022

10th July


Class Time : 10 am | 9.00 pm

Online Class : Monday – Saturday

Online Training by Instructure
3 Students Per Session
Duration – 10 Months
Class Hours – 1 Hour per day
Timing – Flexible Time As per your convenience

Published on : 12 / 05 / 2022

Where Do You Use 3D Blender Software?

Blender classes


Using Blender Software, design floor and building plans to precise measurements for homes and demonstrate your Virtual designs to the client.

2D Animations

Blender uses a brush used to draw in both 2D and 3D space. The grease pencil’s lines can be edited and animated as required.


The sculpting toolkit adds significant amounts of detail to 3D objects, which is needed for standard modeling Characters.

Logo design and Animation

Blender is a fantastic tool for creating logos in two dimensions with the grease pencil or 3D logos in the standard viewport. More YouTubers are now beginning to use Blender to create their unique intro videos.


Blender is used for tasks ranging from particle simulation to video editing, High Quality Animations, and it can even be utilized to create entire films.


Blender Has a Lot of Unique Features, 3D Modeling for Game Props, Texturing Game 3D Objects, Animating Characters, and Creating Level Design Objects for Mobile, PC, and Console

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a 3D Model and a 2D Character?

  • A 3D Model Is a Three-Dimensional Representation of an Object or Person.
  • A 2D Character Is a Flat Surface Two-Dimensional Representation of an Object or Person.

How Can I Be Sure I Am up to Date on the Latest 3D Blender Software Releases?

Some Methods That May Help Include:

  • Keeping a 3D Blender Software Release Log.
  • Checking for New Updates Online.
  • Subscribing to 3D Blender Software Bulletin Boards or Newsgroups
  • Gather Software Update Details From Your Nearby Blender Training Institute

How Can I Make Use of 3D Blender Software?

There Are a Few Ways to Use a 3D Blender. One Way Is to Create Three-Dimensional Designs or Illustrations. Sculpt High-End 3D Detailed Character. Artists Can Also Use the 3D Blender for 2D Workflow for Making. E-Learn Videos, Cartoons, Etc Another Way Is to Create Mixed Media Art Lastly, One Can Use a 3D Blender to Create Realistic 3D Visuals for Movies and Games

What Are the Features of 3D Blender Software?

A 3D Blender Software Typically Has a Variety of Features That Include:

  1. A User Interface That Is Easy to Learn and Use
  2. A Variety of Tools That Can Be Used to Create 3D Graphics or Images
  3. A Library of Algorithms That Can Be Used to Create Realistic 3D Objects

What Is the Best Way to Learn 3D Blender Software?

There Are Many Ways to Learn Blender Software. One Way Is to Watch Tutorials Online. There Are Many Great Tutorials on YOUTUBE, and You Can Also Find Them on the Blender Website. Another Way to Learn Is to Read Blender User’s Guides. Finally, if You Want to Learn More About Advanced Blender, You Can Join a Reputed Blender Training Institute.

Should I Study Any Professional Course Before Learning Blender 3D?

It Is Not Necessary to Learn a Course Before Learning Blender 3D. However, Some Basic Knowledge on 3D Animation and Graphics, Game Development, and 3D Printing Technology Will Help You Learn Blender 3D Easily

How to Join the 3D Blender Course in Chennai at Vfx?

To Join the 3D Blender Course in Chennai at Vfx, You Must First Submit an Application Form to Vfx. After Submission, You Will Need to Provide the Proof Required to Join the Course. After Verification, Admissions Will Be Granted

What Skills Are Needed to Get Good at 3D Blender?

Three Primary Skills Are Needed to Get Good at 3D Blender: Programming, Design, and Graphics. To Program, One Needs to Have a Strong Understanding of Computer Skills. To Design, One Must Have Experience With Basic Shapes and unity3d, the Game Engine Used for 3D Printing. And in Order to Graphics, One Must Be Able to Learn Shader Programming and Understand How Opengl Works. Other Skills Will Be Taught to You From Scratch.

What Does a 3D Blender Artist Do?

They Create Three-Dimensional Graphics Using Blender and Use the Software to Blend Two or More Images Together to Create a Final Product.

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