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Digital Matte Painting Course

With 3D Digital Matte Painting Course at Vfx. You Will Learn the Process of Painting With 2D and Three-Dimensional Space Mainly Used for Video Games, Movies, and Other Visual Arts

matte painting course
matte painting training Matte Painting Course

What is Matte Painting Course?

Matte Painting Is a Technique Used in Film Making and Video Game Production to Create Background Images That Cannot Be Captured by Traditional Means.

It Involves the Use of Digital or Traditional Painting Techniques to Create a 2D or 3D Illusion of a Scene That Would Otherwise Be Difficult or Impossible to Capture on Film.

Matte Paintings Are Often Used to Create Realistic Backgrounds for Scenes Set in Outer Space, or in Fantastical Settings Such as Middle-Earth in the Lord of the Rings Films.

Matte Paintings Have Been Used Since the Early Days of Cinema, and Their Use Has Become Increasingly Widespread With the Advent of Digital Film Making Tools. Some of the Most Iconic Matte Paintings Ever Created Were Used in Classic.

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Matte Painting Course syllabus

Introduction to digital painting

Basics of Photoshop

Perspective drawing

3D modeling

Image compositing


Practical examples and case studies

Matte Painting Course Duration & Certification


Matte Painting Course

Course Duration

5 Months


Weekdays / Weekends

Class Timing

2 Hours Per Day

Mode of Training

Offline Classes / Online Classes


Diploma In Matte Painting Course

Software Used in Training
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Nuke
Career Opportunities
  • 3d Matte Painting Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • VFX Artist
Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard and Above

EMI / Loan Options


What you will learn in the Matte Painting course?

matte painting class Matte Painting Course

You Will Learn the Techniques and Processes Used by Professional Matte Painters to Create Stunning Background Images for Film and Video Games.

You Will Start by Learning the Basics of Digital Painting, and Then Move On to More Advanced Techniques Such as Perspective Drawing, 3D Modeling, and Image Compositing.

By the End of the Course, You Will Have All the Skills You Need to Create Your Own Professional-Quality Matte Paintings.

  1. Matte Painting techniques
  2. How to create believable environments
  3. (sky, clouds, mountains, landscapes) from scratch
  4. Necessary software for Matte Painting (Adobe Photoshop) 
  5. How to use 3D applications to your advantage
  6. Practical examples and case studies.

Matte painting as a career?

Matte Painting Is a Highly Sought-After Skill in the Film and Video Game Industries, and Matte Painters Are Among the Highest-Paid Artists in These Fields. If You Have a Passion for Film Making or Video Game Production and Want to Learn How to Create Realistic Backgrounds, Then This Course Is Perfect for You.

With the Skills You Learn in This Course, You Could Pursue a Career as a Matte Painter or Digital Artist in either Industry. Alternatively, You Could Use Your Skills to Create Your Own Digital Artworks or to Freelance for Clients Who Need Matte Painting Services.

Why You Should Choose a Matte Painting Course in 2022?

If You’re Looking for a Creative and In-Demand Career, Then Matte Painting Is a Great Option. Matte Painters Are Among the Most Highly Paid Artists in the Film and Video Game Industries and Their Skills Are Always in Demand.

With the Right Training, You Could Become a Professional Matte Painter and Work on Some of the Biggest Films and Video Games in the World.

However, It’s Not Just the Money That Makes Matte Painting a Great Career Choice. Matte Painters Get To Use Their Creativity to Bring Imaginary Worlds to Life, and They Get To Work With Some of the Most Cutting-Edge Digital Technologies Available.

If You’re Passionate About Filmmaking or Video Game Production and Want to Learn How to Create Realistic Backgrounds, Then a Matte Painting Course Is the Perfect Choice for You.

digital matte painting course

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Digital Matte Painting?

A Digital Matte Painting Is a Painting That Is Created Using Computers and Software. It Is a High-Resolution Painting That Can Be Created Quickly and Easily.

What Are the Prerequisites for This Course?

There Are No Specific Prerequisites for Matte Painting Courses, but Students Typically Need Some Experience With Painting and Drawing. In Addition, Some Basic Knowledge of 3D Software Is Helpful, as Many Matte Painting Techniques Rely on Manipulating Objects in 3D Space.

Is This Course Only for People Who Know About Matte Painting?

No. This Course Is Designed for People Who Want to Learn About Matte Painting From Scratch.

How Do I Get a Job in the Industry After Completing the Course in Matte Painting?

After Completing a Matte Painting Course, There Are Many Ways to Get a Job in the Industry. You Can Work as a Freelance Artist, Find an Internship at a Studio, or Apply to Art Schools for Graduate Work. Whichever Route You Choose, Ensure You Are Prepared to Put in the Hard Work and Dedication It Takes to Succeed in This Field.

What Are the Best Materials to Use for Matte Painting? How Long Does It Take To Complete the Course?

The Matte Painting Course Takes 4 Months for Completion at Vfx. The Training Includes From the Basics to the Usage of All Tools in the Software. On Completion, You Will Receive a Course Completion Certificate

What Are the Benefits of Taking This Matte Painting Course?

There Are Many Benefits to Taking a Matte Painting Course:

1. You Will Learn How to Create Realistic Matte Paintings That Look Great on Any Media Type.

2. You Will Learn to Use the Correct Tools and Techniques to Create High-Quality Matte Paintings.

3. You Will Develop Your Skills as an Artist, Which Will Help Your Future Career.

4. Taking a Matte Painting Course Can Help You Improve Your Storytelling Abilities.

How to Get Good at Matte Painting?

To Get Good at Matte Painting, One May Need to Be Experienced in the Creative Process and Understand Paint Tools. Additionally, One Must Be Diligent and Practice Regularly to Improve Their Skills.

What Skill Do You Need for Matte Painting?

A Matte Painter Needs a Good Understanding of Light, Shadow, and Color to Create Realistic Results. Some Common Skills That a Matte Painter May Need Include Knowledge of Photography, Drawing, Painting, and Texture Creation.

What Does a CG Matte Painter Do?

CG Matte Painter Create an Image Using Digital Matte Painting Software. Matte Painting Is a Process of Creating an Image Using a Digital Medium, Usually a Screen. By Adding an Amount of Color and Lightness to the Image, CG Matte Painter Can Create a Realistic or Detailed Picture.

What Is the Best Software for Matte Painting?

One of the Most Popular Matte Painting Software Programs Is Adobe Photoshop. It Is a Very Easy Program to Use and Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes. One of Its Features Is That It Can Be Used to Create Realistic Images.

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