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web development course

About Web Designing Course

Web Designing Course has revolutionized the way we communicate the way we shop, bank, play games and share information. The change and demand for talented Internet professionals continues to grow. our Web Designing course students will learn the web design and development skills from our experianced instructures who have minimum 7 years experience in the field of web designing with instructures guidance web designing and development course students will create rich customized database driven websites that are easy to use, look good and can incorporate complex features like, for example, shopping carts and Auctions.

Our web Designing course will teach you how to design and produce a wide range of design material to meet top quality standards. It will equip you with the skills you need to keep up with the fast pace of technological change. By the end of the web development course student will be capable to work independently to produce an online portfolio to showcase their design and technical skills. our staffs will see you've got the right stuff to meet the online demands.

Design elements Here student will learn the basics of layout, design in Photoshop to customize it for future pipeline work.we conduct web designing course in chennai and We also offer you free of charge retake of the sessions, within 5 months of your first day of training, if there’s something you forget or new updates in the software. Thats the vfx Guarantee of Learning.

Course Outline

  • Designing Layout - First of all student will learn photoshop and how to design web layout using photoshop. Then student will learn to convert layout to Html page.
  • Web Designing - learn html5, xhtml, syntax and techniques, how to develop forms, how to convert layout page to html page, how to centralist formatting control using Cascading Style Sheets (css), Secondly web development students will be introduced to algorithms and simple object oriented concept.
  • Programming Concepts - learn browser scripting including event handlers, rollovers, form validation, browser compatibility server side scripting languae, etc, compare platforms and their limitations.
  • Web Standards - this topic focus more on how web pages communicates to there audience, Learn principles of visual design to web pages, Design and manipulate images for the web, apply the principles of User Centered Design (UCD) in developing a web interface.
  • Advanced web Development - learn how to use html5 and other new developing technologies to produce top leading web designs, including video streaming, audio and more, and to design and produce mobile web applications.
  • Back End Development - learn relational database and use with MySQL, server-side programming using PHP, Structured Query Language (SQL), syntax and techniques, database driven website design ( eCommerce, Dynamic web sites), introduction to Object Orientated (OO) programming principles and administration of server-side hosting environments.
  • Advanced back end - advanced topics, both design and development focused, things like industry standard content management systems, how to handle credit card payments, Google maps, Seo, Ajax, code libraries, and also make web sites responsive for mobile phone, tablets etc.
  • Live Project - plan, document, code and present a dynamic, database-driven web application to an industry standard.
  • Portfolio - create an online portfolio that demonstrates your skills. and maintain an offshore live project under vfx media and design production team.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Abobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Flash
  • HTML / CSS
  • Java Script
  • PHP
  • MySql

Career Opportunities

  • Web developer
  • Web programmer
  • Web master
  • Web architect
  • Web author
  • Web specialist

Course Duration

  • 9 Months.


  • IAO (Specialized)
  • Diploma


  • +2 (Pass / Fail)
  • SSLC (Pass / Fail)