Visual Effects Course

Be a vfx pro in Computer Graphics, Live Action Compositing, Match moving, Roto, Paint & sterioscopic WorkFlow

visual effect course

What is Visual Effects

VFX refers to creating imagery using live action compositing with film making. VFX term is expanded as visual effects which means computer generated images that would be risky, costly, unrealistic, tiresome or challenging to shoot on film. It is created with the help of the softwares to make sure that the footage of film looks realistic which can attract the viewers.

Why Visual Effects Course

From Jurassic Park to Interstellar, Avatar to Inception, visual effects (VFX) artists have drastically changed the film industry for the better. It’s no surprise that you want to join the ranks of these creative professionals who breathe life into the worlds and characters that were previously just in our imaginations.Whether you’ve been interested in VFX for a while or are just getting introduced to the field, give this guide a quick glance so you know more about how to become a VFX artist and the path that lies ahead. If you’re a tech savvy, imaginative movie fanatic, then there’s a good chance reading this article is just the beginning.

Visual effects As Career

After completing your webdesign course,you can work in a webdesigning company or you an work as a freelancer.There are thousand of companies that hire web developer for their front end and back end webdevelopment projects.Also you can work independently as a webdesigner and setup your own enterprise.The major career field includes: Motion designer, Web Developer, UX and UI Designer, Front-End developer,UI Designer,web analyst etc.

About Visual Effects Courses

Learn how the whole process of video production works – from concept and planning to delivery; discover the secrets of effective video and audio processing using editing, effects, motion graphics, compositing and more; develop your graphic design skills, create animated visual effects, and use the power of today’s production tools to seriously alter reality.

The Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced)* will teach you how to transform that raw footage into a work of art and master the skills you need to make a good production great. Produce a showreel to demonstrate your ability, and you’ll be armed and ready to present yourself for a range of roles in the creative media.

Using industry standard software, create an animated world and bring it to life. Make your characters move, convey thoughts and emotions, and respond to their surroundings.

  • One-on-one Training
  • Industry experienced trainers
  • State of an art infrastructure
  • Wacom training
  • Latest high-end systems
  • Classes updated to the current industrial standards
  • Industrial visit

  • Course Outline

    • Video Production - Learn how the movie/video production process works from concepting to storyboarding, shooting, editing, visual effects and delivery. This module is designed to give you an overview of the complete process and to put post production into perspective.

    • Graphic Design - Develop your graphic design skills for video. Learn the tips and tricks you will need to quickly and effectively create vector and bitmap graphics for use in motion graphics and television commercials.

    • Motion Graphics - Motion graphics is one of the most exciting areas of video post production. Combine your design skills with animation and effects to create animated visuals for TVCs, titles, IDs and more.

    • Keying/ Masking - Green / blue matte keying using advanced masking techniques grabage matte, freehand and square.

    • Exporing Dynamics - Understanding the use fluid dynamic, particles dynamics and Deformers.

    • Envernoment Creation - In the structure you will understand the use of matte painting using industries top digital envionment creation software to bring your imagination to reality.

    • Camera Tracking - 2d and 3d tracking using boujou, maya and foundry nuke.

    • Composite Workspace - Understanding the layer and node base system.

    • Sterio Scopeing - Learn to convert 2d to 3d tricks using foudry nuke, adobe affter effects.

    • Film Techniques - Add/remove film grain, rope removal, set extension, rig removal.

    • Rotoscope - Learn roto using shilouttefx, adobe after effects, and foundry nuke

    • Film Restoration - In this module you will learn trick to restore old footage to new footage

    • Compositing and Visual Effects - Learn how to integrate 3D animation and live motion video, and composite multiple video sources to create fantastic visual effects.

    • Industry Practice - How production is managed and how workflow is organised. Develop the communication skills essential to working in a post production team.

    • Film Studies - Active viewing, critique and analysis of some of the best (and worst) film and television ever created. Learn what works and why by breaking apart motion pictures, television shows, commercials and music videos. This module will change the way you watch a movie!

    • Audio Post Production- Audio is key to the success of any video production and is increasingly becoming part of post production workflow. Learn to edit, process and effect audio for video post production. You will learn how to edit voiceovers and music, create foley effects and simple soundtracks.

    • Video Editing - How do you take footage shot at different times and in different locations and create a finished product which tells a compelling and interesting story? That is the challenge of editing. This module takes you on a journey through several projects where you will learn the secrets of effective editing.

    • Individual Project and Showreel - This is your opportunity to apply all you have learned. Create a motion graphics piece, a finely tuned edit, or show off your visual effects skills the choice is yours.


    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Ruine
    • Vue
    • Bojou / Syntheye
    • The Foundry Nuke X
    • Apple Final Cut Pro
    • Apple Soundtrack Pro

    Career Opportunities

    • Video editor
    • Motion graphics designer
    • VFX artist
    • Compositor
    • VFX artist
    • VFX production coordinator

    Course Duration

    • 24 Months.


    • IAO (Specialized)
    • Diploma


    • +2 (Pass / Fail)
    • SSLC (Pass / Fail)