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About Foundry Modo Courses

Our Foundry modo course programe will include 3D modeling, animation, effects and rendering. Use the industry standard, intuitive toolset featured in Foundry modo and build your own 3D models and characters. Get to know more about character animation. Modo is used for game,film,architecture visualization and visual effects.

Develop your creative storytelling skills. foundry modo software is the top choice amongst 3D artists and animators who are looking to make their 3d projects life-like detailed characters. Foundry modo tools are also used to develop contemporary video games and comprise one of the leading effects packages used in major block buster films.

By Useing the leading 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering software package to create your very own 3D models and characters, then learn how to bring your creation to life through animation.Foundry modo offers artists an end-to-end creative workflow featuring sets, advanced matchmoving capabilities, and high dynamic range compositing.

Course Outline

  • introduction to modo - 1. Navigating 3D space in MODO 2. Working with primitives 3. Modeling polygons 4. Managing topology 5. Modeling with SubDs 6. Sculpting meshes 7. Shading and painting with textures 8. Working with Global Illumination and object-based lighting 9. Animating with constraints and bones 10. Tagging dynamic objects 11. Building particle simulations 12. Adjusting your render settings.
  • Texturing & rendering - 1. UV mapping 2. Working with texture layers 3. Texture layer blending 4. Instancing layers 5. Using multilayered materials Polygonal lighting 6. Creating painted environments 7. Rendering and render settings.
  • RIGGING - 1. intro to joints and Kinematics 2. placing joints in a Biped character 3. giving controls to the joints 4. intro to skinning 5. painting weights for the Biped character 6. advanced deformation 7. Rigging quadraped 8. painting weights for the quadraped 9. intro to Mechanical rigging 10. rigging a mehanical character.
  • ANIMATION - 1. intro to different types of animation 2. animation principles 3. graph editor 4. trax and dope sheet 5. animating a ball bounce with squash 6. biped walk cycle 7. biped runcycle 8. quadraped walk cycle 9. animating a body mechanic shot 10. lipsink animation 11. facial acting shot

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  • Foundry Modo

Career Opportunities

  • 3D animator & modeller
  • 3D texture artist
  • Character designer
  • VFX artist
  • Matte painter
  • Compositor

Course Duration

  • 9 Months.


  • IAO (Specialized)
  • Diploma


  • +2 (Pass / Fail)
  • SSLC (Pass / Fail)