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After Effects allows you to create stunning and professional motion graphics and visual effects. ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CC is used to create a diverse range of outcomes such as infographics, animated logos, advertisements, kinetic typography (animated titles), social media and broadcast content. Visual effects covers many disciplines including compositing, image correction, animated effects, and an introduction to 3D animation.

This course is designed to allow those new to video and graphic animation techniques, or who are self-taught, to get the most from this immensely powerful software. The emphasis throughout this After Effects course is on getting you up-to-speed with the essential functionality of the software and includes many practical exercises along with countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive.


Learn to use ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CC to efficiently produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web. Our VFX classes are led by experienced motion graphics professionals who have backgrounds with broadcast, film, and online media production.


This course was designed to teach students how to successfully use After Effects, no matter if they have ever used the program before or not. Both the beginner and seasoned user can benefit from this course, starting with the basics of the program including navigation and continuing on to more advanced features, including:

Do you dream of working in Movie Graphics / Visual Effects Supervisor / vfx compositor ? Then the Diploma in Adobe After effects Creative Cloud compositing Course is the ideal launching pad for you.

Why Visual Effects Adobe After Effects Course in vfx

1) One-on-one Training

2) Training in the latest ADOBE CC version

3) MAC machines

4) State of an art infrastructure

5) Trainers with Post Production Experiance

6) Production footages

7) Live Project


Course Components

Basic Level

A Quick Start to Enable Your After Effects Skills

An Important Preference to Set / Create a Crash Animation / How about Visual Effects / Your First Visual Effect / Practice Activity - Challenge/ Creating Your First Motion Graphics Video

  • Intro to After Effects -Intro to the Basics Section / After Effects Layout / Starting a New Composition / Importing Footage / Basic Tools / Basic Layer Transformations /The Timeline / Anchor Point Tip - Snapping in Creative Cloud
  • After Effects Animations - Intro to the Animating Section / understanding Keyframes / Position Animations / Opacity Animations / Size Animations / Rotation Animations / Easy Ease - Intermediate Skill / Smooth Text Motion
  • Masking / Roto / Garbage mask - Working with Solid Layers / Intro to the Solids Section / Working with Shapes
    Creating Shapes with Mask Tool / Editing a Mask / Using the Pen Tool / Mask Animations - Basic / Mask Animations - Intermediate
  • Understand 3D Layers in After Effects - Intro to the 3D Layers Section / 3D in After Effects / 3D Animations - Basic / 3D - intermediate / 3D Animations -Advanced ( camera ) / Using the camera tool.
  • Green Screen (Chromakeying) in After Effects - Intro to the Green Screen Section / Green Screen Basics / Keylight 1.2 Effect / Adding a Background / Cropping and Green Screen / Color Correction and Green Screen / Green Screen Wrap Up
  • Working with Visual Effects & Presets - Intro to the Effects Section / Text - Preset Animations / Advanced Effect - CC Page Turn / Advanced Effect - Fractal Noise / How to Make Stars - CC Star Burst / Radial and Linear Wipe Effects / Color Correction Options in After Effects
  • Visual Literacy - Cinema is primarily a visual medium It is not possible to work in a visual medium without being visually literate. A deep knowledge of art history, elements of visual design, principles of visual composition, colour theory, the art of visual storytelling and current stylistic trends is necessary for an Editor.
  • Composition basics - Intro to the Advanced Tips Section / Working with Adobe Premiere Pro
    Working with Adobe Photoshop / Precomposing / Working with Pre-Compositions / How to Easily Replace Layers in After Effects Use Parenting to Easily Animate Multiple Layers Together / Easily Make an Object Appear/Disappear / Transfer Modes
  • Trimming to Refine a Sequence - Preparing Your Sequence, Adjusting Two Edit Points, Slipping One Clip, Slipping Sequence Clips, Rolling Two Edit Points, Sliding Clips to Refine Position, Dragging Clips to New Locations, and Keeping Linked Clips in Sync.
  • Tracking - Motion Tracking (single point) / Motion Tracking (two point) / Motion Tracking four point / Stabilization in After Effects
  • Lights -Working with Lights in After Effects
  • Continutity in CG - Creating Subclips, Adding Markers to Clips, Storyboard Editing, Replacing Edits, and Editing Multicamera.
  • Intro to the Time Section - TimeWarp Tutorial / Slow down entire animations with Time Remapping
    Time - Freeze Frame / Time - Stretch & Reverse Time / Time - Remapping
  • Exporting - Intro to the Exporting Section / Exporting from After Effects - Best Quality and for YouTube / Exporting with a Transparent Background / Exporting a GIF / Importing One After Effects Composition into another After Effects Project
  • Audio - How to Scrub Through Audio in After Effects / Adjusting the frequency / understandoing bgm / on screen and off screen sound
  • Intermediate Level After Effects Compositing Course

    Advanced Motion Tracking & Compositing in Adobe After Effects CC: Pimple/Acne Removal, Sign/Screen Replacement / Rig removal / Create Kinetic Typography / color correction Lumetri Scope / Professional Video Transitions

  • Advanced Level After Effects Compositing Course

    Introduction to Match Moving (pan / free move shots) / after effects and Autodesk maya intigration / undstanding live and digital composite / Into to matte painting / Depth Composite / understand sterioscope / multipass render in maya and composite in after effects

    1st Live film set Project with vfx team

    Project : live Compositing project for film


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Autodesk MAYA 2018
  • 3D Tracker
  • Sound Track Pro

Career Opportunities

  • Motion graphics designers
  • Video editors
  • 3D animators
  • Compositor
  • Visual effects artists

Course Duration

  • 8 Months.


  • IAO (Specialized)
  • Diploma


  • +2 (Pass / Fail)
  • SSLC (Pass / Fail)